Artemisia & Clove™ Bioray

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Remove Unwanted Organisms


Unwanted Organisms: A Metropolitan Epidemic, High stress levels, poor diets, and inadequate chewing are all factors that contribute to increasing the acidic burden within the body. Unwanted organisms thrive in acidic environments. This makes us the perfect hosts. These unwelcome guests then release neurotoxins into our systems that can then cause emotional imbalances, impair mental function, and damage tissue and organs.

Product Summary: Artemisia & Clove™ is a broad spectrum liquid herbal supplement, expertly formulated for removing unwanted organisms and supporting a healthy gastrointestinal tract. This formula is carefully buffered for long-term use with sensitive digestive tracts and simultaneously maintains the full strength of action against unwanted organisms.

Ingredients: Green Black Walnut Hulls (Juglans nigra), Lion’s Mane Fruiting Body (Hericium
erinaceus), Red Clover Herb (Trifolium pratense), Wormwood Herb (Artemisia absinthium), American Ginseng Root (Panax quinquefolium), Olive Leaf (Olea europaea), Qing Hao (Artemisia annua), Clove Buds (Caryophyllus aramaticus), Grapefruit Seed Extract, deionized water and gluten free grain alcohol (20% by volume.)

Clinical Use: Results in the table to the right are from Dowell Labs. Patients were administered a dose of 8 droppers full, twice (2x) per day*. *Diatomaceous earth was added for treatment of ascaris.

Intake: Adults – Take on an empty stomach in water or juice. Start with low dose; increase as tolerated to top dose, twice (2x) times a day. Take top dose for two weeks.

Stop for one week. Resume at the top dose for two additional weeks. Cleanse is complete. Do not use during pregnancy or while nursing unless supervised by a physician.

Children and Sensitive Adults :

Under 40 lbs.: 1 -3 drops, up to 1 dropper (26 drops);
40 – 75 lbs.: 3 – 6 drops, up to 2 droppers (52 drops);
76 – 115 lbs.: 8 – 12 drops, up to 4 droppers (104 drops);
116 – 150 lbs.: 13 drops, up to 6 droppers (156 drops);
Over 150 lbs.: 13 drops, up to 8 droppers (208 drops).

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