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Endocrine and Libido Support for Women


Modern women have to be twice as strong to meet today’s demands and are expected to maintain the power of their own femininity. The great well of fiery strength, known as “Kidney Yang energy”, is often in a state of depletion. When this root energy gets sapped, it impacts endocrine regulation, sexual energy, and reproductive health. Some women notice a rise in lower back pain, weak knees, and thinning hair. To address this loss of core energy, one must replenish with the Chinese herbs found in Lady Passion™.

Product Summary: Lady Passion™ is the original Chinese Kidney Yang Tonic for women. Useful as a daily tonic for endocrine support and hormone regulation, Lady Passion™ has pro-sexual effects at higher doses. Lady Passion™ increases female sex drive, supports healthy blood flow and moistens the system. Lady Passion™ is a fiery tonic used when stress triggers signs of depletion such as deep fatigue, cold hands and feet, lower back pain, or weakness at the back of the knees. This product can be taken with Red Rooster™ to balance healthy hormone levels. Men can also take Lady Passion™ to help enhance their receptive sides. Take with Loving Energy™, a Kidney Yin tonic, to balance Yin and Yang energies. Much like the log provides fuel to the fire, Loving Energy™ provides substance to the body to support and strengthen the effects of Lady Passion™. It is necessary to first rebuild the Yin energy so that the Yang energy can burn long and bright.

Ingredients: Gardenia Fruit, Piper Wallachi Herb, Polygalla Root, Tang Kuei Root, Rehmannia Root, Longan Fruit, Lycium Berry, Schizandra Berry, Bupleurum Root, Poria Mushroom, Astragalus Seed, Achyranthes Root, Eclipta Leaf, Cortex Cinnamon Bark, Ligustrum Fruit, Elk Antler Tip, Peony Root, Solomon Seal, Codonopsis Root, Ligusticum Wallachi Root, Cyprus Root, Citrus Peel, Albizzia Bark, Damiana Leaf, Cordyceps Mushroom, Licorice Root, deionized water and gluten-free grain alcohol (20% by volume).

Clinical Use: Users report enhanced sexual desire and strengthened libido, as well as relief from anxiety and physical and mental exhaustion with regular use of Lady Passion™.

“Pretty intense. Heightened sensitivity throughout lovemaking and a completely different orgasm. The earth moved.”
— Female Tester, New Woman Magazine


Adults – 1-3 droppers in water, tea or your favorite spirit three times (3x) a day or as desired.
Regular use produces a more powerful effect.
Dosage is related to improvement.
Made with organic ingredients.
Do not use during pregnancy or while nursing unless supervised by a physician.

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