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Dietary Supplements and Natural Remedies—

Your source for plant-based, professional-strength nutritional supplements, Digestive Enzymes, Systemic Enzymes, Probiotics and Herbal Supplements. Think of dietary supplements not as “alternative”—but “holistic,” “complementary” or “integrative.” Natural remedies and health products can work in conjunction with traditional treatments to achieve health and wellness goals.

Dietary supplements and natural remedies can be key components of a holistic approach to personal wellness.


Theramedix BioSET specializes in:

Our dietary supplements are one of best because of the due diligence and care we take with our formulations (no additives or fillers; designed to be effective in a broader range of pH levels) and the strict manufacturing protocols we adhere to. With our natural remedies and nutritional supplements you can always count on purity and consistency.

Dietary supplements aren’t an alternative to traditional medicine, but part of a holistic approach to your wellness.

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Dietary Supplements

The Best Dietary Supplements Are Natural Products with Targeted and Overall Health Benefits.

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Digestive Enzymes

Essential Nutritional Supplements For Promoting Digestive Health, Alleviating Digestive Problems.

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Benefits for everyone: Probiotics are good for men, women, kids & the elderly!

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