3|30 Day Challenge



What if you could be more successful with Basic Enzyme Therapy?

What if you could truly change your habits?

What if you could truly help yourself be more compliant with your supplement regimen?

This is why we created the 3|30 Day Challenge utilizing our Power of 3 philosophy


First, let’s start with the concept of the 3|30 Day Challenge.


Why 3/30 Day?

  1. It takes roughly 3 months to train the human brain a new set of habits. Consistent daily repetition has proven to enhance the ability to take new daily routines and turn them into learned automatic behavior.
  2. A 90-Day regiment can seem to feel overwhelming but 3 | 30 Day segments are easier to manage and less intimating.
  3. Each 30-Day segment we will add a new supplement and 1 new tip to help you be successful with The BioSET System’s Basic Enzyme Therapy Program.


3 Enzymes Approach to Wellness

    The first step in stopping self-attack on the body is taking a Digestive enzyme every single time you eat.  In The BioSET System, we use plant enzymes to help the body break down foods, allowing for absorption and utilization of the minerals and vitamins. When food is properly digested, no food particles pass through the intestinal wall, therefore no undesirable response from the immune system occurs.
    The second step is to ensure proper bacterial growth in the intestine by using a Probiotic. A Probiotic will replenish the good bacteria and help provide a healthy intestinal wall lining to ensure no food particles pass through. A healthy, balanced gut also equals a healthy, efficient immune system.
    The third step is to decrease the number of viruses, harmful bacteria and parasites in the body and decrease the inflammation affecting the lining of the intestinal wall. This is done by using a Proteolytic Enzyme (Immune Support, Protease Plus, Recovery Support or Serratio). This type of enzyme acts as a natural anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-parasitic, and anti-fungal. Proteolytic enzymes also purify and clean the blood by breaking down dead cells.


Are you ready for the 3/30 Day Challenge?


You can get started with the 3/30 Day Challenge any time.  Just contact your BioSET Practitioner and they will get you started.

If you do not have a BioSET Practitioner, contact WeCare@BioSET.net  or 877-246-7381 and we will help you get started.

By utilizing the BioSET System, BioSET Practitioners can evaluate you via IQS3 or Applied Kinesiology to determine which Digestive, Probiotics, and Systemic Enzymes are suited for you through this personalized evaluation technique. The 3/30 Day Challenge is an individual approach–tailored just for you. Get started today!


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