How can it help?

How our BioSET System works


To appreciate how our BioSET System works, it is useful to think of the body as a network through which electromagnetic energy flows along invisible pathways. The electromagnetic energy in our bodies, called chi (qi) (based on Chinese medicine) manifests as lines of force or meridians. These meridians run near the surface of the body and pass into our internal organs. The quantity of energy that runs through these meridians can be assessed and recorded either through muscle testing or with a computerized mechanism that measures the electrical properties of acupuncture points along the meridians. These assessments indicate whether the meridians are balanced, stressed, weakened or blocked.

How our BioSET System works? It uses methods drawn from acupuncture, kinesiology, and chiropractic to locate and remove blockages in electromagnetic pathways that are specifically related to reactants.


Correcting the Energy Flow

As we are taught in basic biochemistry, all substances, living and non-living, emit energy. Atoms attract and repel one another, building molecules and more complex structures which create even more energy frequencies that interact in positive and negative ways. When frequencies are out of harmony, a blockage or weakness occurs.  Over time, this results in symptoms associated with increased, decreased or irregular reactivity. The BioSET System corrects the energy flow with enzyme therapy, homeopathic remedies, nutrition and Reset Therapy.


Resetting the Blockage, Nervous & Immune Systems

The BioSET System’s ‘Reset Therapy’ releases the blockage and resets the nervous and immune systems. Reset Therapy for a specific sensitivity or imbalance helps to restore a balanced immune response, resulting in a marked decrease or complete resolution of symptoms. BioSET practitioners use Applied Kinesiology or Electrodermal Screening to determine what the body is overreacting to, where the sensitivity is or blockage is being expressed, how severe the blockage is and any other factors related to the sensitivity or blockage.

By activating specific acupressure points via the nervous system along the spine, the BioSET practitioner is able to “reset” the body’s abnormal response and thereby correct the sensitivity.  Once “reset” for a specific sensitivity or imbalance using the BioSET System, the physical symptoms associated with the sensitivity or imbalance such as gastrointestinal issues, sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, headache, and difficulty breathing will be reduced or resolved, often permanently.


Addressing the root cause of a chronic condition

BioSET’s success lies in the fact that it helps identify and heal the root cause of the individual’s problem. Individuals who suffer from chronic conditions usually have imbalances in their digestive tract and immune response. They are unable to deal with a stressful toxic load or have abnormal reactions to items such as foods, environmental elements, chemical exposure or pathogens. Because they are reacting abnormally to these everyday stressors their immune system becomes overloaded.

The result is that:

  • The immune function normally available to fend off real threats, such as bacterial, viral or parasitic infections is greatly diminished.
  • Their system becomes chaotic and weakened from a continual attempt to correct imbalances.
  • Chronic conditions or symptoms become or remain established.
  • Vital organ systems, which rely on proteins, carbohydrates and fatty acids for their proper functioning, are consistently undernourished.

After resetting the body’s response to food, chemical and environmental stressors, most individuals experience significant improvement in both their physical and emotional well-being.

The BioSET System is the answer to a multitude of health challenges that health care practitioners encounter on a regular basis. It utilizes cutting-edge techniques, healthy nutrition, purification and enzyme therapy for prolonged optimal digestive health and nutrient utilization.


Be Sensitivity Free

Are you tired of hiding inside when the pollen count is high? Do sensitivities to candles, perfumes and household cleaners make you miserable? Wish you could bring him that adorable kitten from the pet store, or worse, have to give up your furry friend because of allergy symptoms? Discover the BioSET System!! A BioSET Practitioner can help you balance your immune system along with the rest of your body and alleviate troublesome issues like sneezing, itching, runny nose, hives and rashes! Enjoy your life again with the BioSET System!


Autism – Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

The percentage of American youngsters with autism continues to rise, with the latest estimate showing the highest numbers yet. About 1 in 50 U.S. children (2 percent) ages 6 to 17 have an autism spectrum disorder, according to a new report based on a national survey of parents in 2011 and 2012. That’s up from about 1 in 86 children (1.16 percent) reported to have autism in the 2007 survey. This is a devastating diagnosis and the toll on each individual family is huge! Autism experts age that there is a strong correlation between gut damage and autism. The BioSET System can help heal the gut of those with autism and allow for better nutrient absorption and increased immune function. BioSET Practitioners are also well versed in how to decrease the bodies reaction to stressors that are known to aggravate symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The BioSET System is an effective, safe and non-invasive technique to add to any Autism Therapy Protocol.


BioSET System works with your digestion

Do you have to avoid some of your favorite foods because eating them makes you miserable? Do you feel bloated, tired or nauseous after eating? Are you struggling to lose weight? The BioSET System can help! A poor diet, stress and prescription medications can all contribute to poor gut health! Since the gut and the brain are connected, an unhealthy gut can even result in your brain not functioning at its full potential. Your BioSET Practitioner can identify foods and beverages that cause digestive stress and can perform Reset Therapy to minimize your reaction to them. We also use Professional quality enzymes to assist with complete digestion, efficient absorption of nutrients and effective elimination of waste as well as high potency probiotics to restore balance and gut health. Call a BioSET Practitioner today and say good bye to digestive troubles for good!!