Dietary Supplements


The Best Dietary Supplements Are Natural Products with Targeted and Overall Health Benefits

  • Digestive/Systemic Enzymes (with Dietary Minerals & Vitamin ‘cofactors’)
  • Probiotics
  • Natural Herbal Remedies

Professional-strength Theramedix BioSET nutritional supplements:

  • Created for holistic and alternative medicine practitioners and others in complementary health fields to help promote patients’ physical and mental well-being
  • Manufactured for purity, consistency, and reliability

Dietary health supplements and remedies are our priority! Since 2005 Theramedix BioSET has offered what we think are the best vegetarian, professional-strength formulations of plant-based enzymes based on decades of due diligence and ongoing analysis of the scientific research. Mineral supplements and vitamins are also essential ingredients in our enzyme formulations—“cofactors” selected for their roles in triggering or amplifying enzyme activity. To complement our natural enzyme products we offer lines of formulated probiotics and herbal supplements as well. For more information, visit our product-specific pages below:

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  • probiotic_bottle
  • natural-bottle

When Selecting Dietary Supplements, Quality Assurance Matters

Natural products and nutritional supplements are not all created equal. So how do you evaluate and choose?

At Theramedix BioSET it starts with the evidence. We stay on top of study data and research findings, and investigate the merits of anecdotal evidence to ensure our products remain on the cutting edge. This includes working with the experts from our manufacturing partner, the leading manufacturer of dietary enzyme supplements, chosen for their adherence to the strictest standards of good manufacturing practices and many levels of quality control. Our dietary supplements contain only plant-based ingredients and no fillers, aspartame, sucrose, sorbitol, yeast, corn proteins, nuts, salt, preservatives, animal enzymes, or artificial colors or flavors. We encourage you to learn all you can about nutritional supplement and natural remedies. That way, you can make better choices about which ones are right for you. The better you understand the science, the more you can appreciate the lengths we go to at Theramedix BioSET, and the standards to which we hold ourselves, in formulating and manufacturing our health supplements.

Dietary Health Supplements: Top Reasons for Taking Natural Products & Remedies

  • Current commercial agriculture techniques leave soil, and consequently raw foods grown in it, deficient in important minerals. Nutritional supplements can help fill in the gaps.
  • Supplements can replenish dietary minerals and organic nutrients lost during long-distance shipping and storage of foods
  • Genetic modification of foods to enhance visual appeal, crop yields and pest/disease resistance can sacrifice nutritional content.
  • Food processing, cooking, and preserving rob foods of key nutrients.
  • Erratic eating habits, insufficient chewing of food and stress complicate digestion and lead to inadequate extraction and absorption of essential nutrients.
  • Use of pharmaceutical medications can deplete essential nutrients.
  • Specific stages in life, health conditions, and lifestyles may result in higher needs of certain nutrients. Some affected populations include:
    • Pregnant and nursing women
    • Menopausal women
    • Children and teens with poor eating habits
    • Seniors
    • Strict vegetarians
    • People with food allergies or intolerances
    • Individuals with eating disorders
    • Dieters avoiding certain food groups
    • Body builders and athletes looking to build and repair muscles and reduce inflammation
    • People with certain diseases – either their disease depletes certain nutrients or their treatment interferes with getting the necessary nutrients
  • Increasing levels of environmental pollutants require our bodies to use more nutrients to detoxify and eliminate harmful substances.
  • Genetic make-up can affect nutritional needs.
  • Some alternative medicine therapies involving dietary supplements have shown great promise as natural remedies in helping with colds, headaches, cramps, inflammation and symptoms of menopause as well as chronic conditions like high cholesterol and blood pressure, osteoporosis, arthritis,

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