Symposium 2014

Join us in beautiful West Palm Beach Florida for the Annual TheramedixBioSET 2014 Symposium on October 24, 25, and 26. We will feature several exciting and informative speakers, updated protocol and software information, practice management and growth ideas, product information and much more!

This year’s main topics will be Functional Medicine and Balancing the Endocrine System. Come and learn more about the exciting, cutting edge field of Functional Medicine as well as amazing “pearls” from Educational Advisors with years of experience with using the BioSET System to relieve a multitude of endocrine related issues!

With attendance, you will earn half of your credits toward your Enzyme Certification requirement as well as fulfill your requirement to attend an event every year. Don’t miss this exciting, fun and informative event that will help you take your practice to a higher level!! See you in sunny Florida!!!


October 24-26, 2014
Friday 9a-6p | Saturday 9a-6p | Sunday 8:30a – 12p
West Palm Beach, Florida
Holiday Inn – West Palm Beach Airport
$650 Regular Registration | Pre-Register by Aug 15th $550



Please click one of the events days below for a detailed itinerary.


09:00 Welcome and Introduction | Melisa Rocchi Kuehn

  • Introduction of the TheramedixBioSET Academy and the Educational Advisors-Instructors
  • Review of the Practitioner Classification Levels
  • Review of the Calendar for 2014-5

10:00 The BioSET System | Elissa Viarengo L.Ac. & Jill Walton, CNC

  • Updates to the Enzyme, Detox, Emotion Therapy and the NEW Nutrition therapy component (including the new BioSET System) in collaboration with I2I Network
  • Software updates in collaboration with I2I Network
  • Introduction of the TheramedixBioSET Formula Guide
  • Introduction of the TheramedixBioSET Turn Key Business Starter

10:45 AM BREAK | Complimentary Snacks

11:15 Dr Roy Curtin | I2I Network

  • CVA
  • APTs – Imprinting – Transferring

12:30 LUNCH | provided by TheramedixBioSET
Full service salad bar with beverages

02:00 Stephanie Ray | Bioray
Come learn about our new product line. Stephanie will go through each product. She will also share with us how to use them alone or in combination for a synergistic effect.

03:15 PM BREAK | Complimentary Snacks

05:00 Distance Healing | Elissa Viarengo, L. Ac.

06:00 Dinner on your own

09:00 Functional Medicine | Stephanie Cave, MD

10:45 AM BREAK | Complimentary Snacks

11:15 Endocrine Balancing Series 3 Protocol | Lee Rossano, CNC
Lee will give us an overview of Endocrine Balancing. She will share with us how to test via labs, IQS, and/or Applied Kinesiology and how to determine balances and imbalances. She will also share how to balance the endocrine system utilizing natural remedies.

12:30 LUNCH | provided by TheramedixBioSET
Full service salad bar with beverages

02:00 Endocrine Balancing Series 3 Protocol | Jill Walton, CNC
Jill will take the knowledge you learned earlier with Lee and show you how to apply this information utilizing the NEW Series 3 Protocol via IQS3 and/or Applied Kinesiology.

03:15 PM BREAK | Complimentary Snacks

03:45 Round Table Discussion with Q & A and Case Studies

06:00 Dinner on your own

Due to a scheduling conflict, we are canceling the Corporate Tour. We received a HIGH demand to end as early as possible allowing earlier traveling times. We are moving the schedule up to accommodate these needs.

08:30 Deerland Enzymes

10:00 TheramedixBioSET Products | TheramedixBioSET Educational Team

10:45 AM BREAK | Complimentary Snacks

12:00 Safe travels home



Holiday Inn – West Palm Beach Airport

Reservations 1-888-HOLIDAY
1301 Belvedere Rd. – West Palm Beach, FL 33405

$129 room | with purchase of room receive free breakfast also shuttle service from the airport to the hotel and back to the airport when ready to depart. Check in is 3:00pm with Check out at 11:00 am. (late check-out is available) Feel free to bring your luggage to the seminar Sunday morning or ask the front desk to hold your belongings.

MAKE SURE AND MENTION THERAMEDIXBIOSET to get the price listed above.

Free shuttle service is available to and from the West Palm Beach Airport.

West Palm Beach (within 5 mile radius of hotel)
Fort Lauderdale (45 minute drive – you will need to get service with Super Shuttle or rent a car)



Ready to get registered?
Contact Dara or Cindy 877-246-7381

Have more questions?
Contact Melisa Kuehn 855-424-6738 or


Elissa D. Viarengo, L. Ac.

Elissa began her healthcare practitioner career as a licensed acupuncturist in 1995 in Colorado. After a few years in practice, Elissa fine-tuned her focus and became a certified NAET practitioner in 1999 and a certified BioSET practitioner in 2000. Following her passion of the BioSET protocol, Elissa completed the BioSET Internship Program in 2006 and became an instructor. In 2013, Elissa left Colorado to return to her roots in Northern New Jersey where she holds a license in Acupuncture and to add to her practice, she became a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, using Dr. Bradley Nelson’s technique of releasing trapped emotions from the body.

Along her journey as a practitioner, Elissa has studied Acupuncture, Herbology, Applied Kinesiology, Reflexology, Polarity Therapy, Enzyme Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy and Emotion Code Therapy. Currently serving as an Educational Advisor and Instructor for the BioSET System Academy, Elissa brings with her 19 years of clinical experience and the understanding that the key to healing using energy medicine is the ability to ask the right questions. It is within the BioSET System that practitioners have the flexibility to ask endless questions to meet the unique needs of every individual and to address the demands that are placed on them by our ever changing environment.

Donna Jicinsky, CHS, CHt, NDc

Donna’s interest in health started at age 4 when she could often be found behind the couch with the Encyclopedia Brittanica Volume on the human body. She began her journey by taking a job as medical support staff in Minneapolis in 1991. This work was continued after a move to Green Bay, WI in 1995. This was followed by a short stint in the health insurance industry. In 1999, she took a job as a Chiropractic Assistant and was trained in case histories, vitals and x-rays. This ignited her passion for alternative, natural health care methods.

Donna was introduced to BioSET in 2004 and started her training in the BioSET technique in 2005. She progressed through training quickly, becoming an Advanced Practitioner in 7 months. BioSET opened the world of energetic healing and Donna has since become a Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher and has studied Shamanic Healing as well as Native American medicine and herbology. Donna is well versed in Applied Kinesiology, cold laser therapy, color and sound therapy. She is a Certified Health Specialist and Certified Nutritional Counselor and is pursuing her Doctor of Naturopathy degree.

Donna is very excited to share her knowledge in her role as an Educational Advisor and Instructor for the TheramedixBioSET Academy. The BioSET System is the cutting edge future of energy medicine and has the diversity as well as precision to meet the needs of every client who seeks assistance.

Jill Walton C.N., H.H.P., Interrogatory BioFeedback Consultant & Educator

Jill has worked in the alternative health industry for over a decade. She stays current on the latest information by continuing her educate in the fields relating to body, mind & spiritual wellness. She completed two Holistic Health Care Practitioner programs (H.H.P.) in 2013 (Natural Healing College and Bioenergetic College).

Jill has a love for education and is actively involved in teaching seminars, webinars and workshops for health care professionals and lay persons. She has been working side-by-side with Dr. H. Roy Curtin since 2007 learning and teaching the art of Interrogatory Biofeedback utilizing the IQS technology.

In her practice, Jill is able to use the IQS technology to personalize consultations for her clients. Her approach is warm, personable and leading-edge. The IQS Communication technology helps to create a bridge that allows the consultant and the client to communicate on a deeper level. This technology literally allows the client access to their innate intelligence, which then responds to the questions being asked about their own personal wellness.

Jill has enjoyed working with people that have dealt with several issues such as: allergy/sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, autism, ADHD, eczema, Lyme’s, digestive issues, nutrition, detoxification, asthma, spine misalignment, microbes, improving health and vitality, arthritis, fatigue and lack of energy, emotional stressors and traumas, and much more. |

Dr. Roy Curtin | I2I Network

Dr. Curtin (PhD. Physics) was instrumental in the creation of the first Computerized ElectroDermal Response (EDR) system in the 1970’s. He has since continued to advance the theoretical basic of the technology as well as improve the scope and function of systems using the technology. The IQS3 is the most advanced implementation of the technology presently available. We are continuing to improve the system itself, professional education related to the IQS, and the business models and methods that utilize the IQS.

Stephanie Ray, President & Founder | Bioray

Stephanie Ray designed, staffed, and trained others in the operation of five Traditional Chinese & Biological Medical Clinics in Santa Monica, California in 14 years, along with Dr. Timothy Ray, OMD. Therapies and treatments practiced at the clinic included cold laser therapy, rife therapy, cranial electro stem, ozone therapy, infra-red sauna, UVB (ultra violet blood irradiation), Electro-Acuscope, and in-vivo testing of urine & saliva. Stephanie also managed the inventory of a complex Chinese Herbal formulas, and a full nutritional pharmacy. Founding BioRay with Dr. Ray in 1991 was a synergy of clinical experience and formulating knowledge.

Stephanie Cave, M.D., F.A.A.F.P | Cypress Integrative Medicine

Dr. Stephanie F. Cave received an M.S. in Clinical Chemistry and M.D. from Louisiana State University Medical School. She completed her residency in 1986 and is board certified in Family Medicine. She served as a clinical preceptor for the LSU Department of Family Medicine from 1986 to 2003 and is currently a preceptor for the Family Medicine Residency Program at Baton Rouge General Hospital. Dr. Cave is in the practice of integrative medicine in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her special interests are allergies, autism, ADHD, and nutritional medicine.

Author of “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children’s Vaccinations”

Testified before U.S. House of Representatives regarding childhood vaccinations

Lee Rossano, CNC

Lee Rossano, CNC is passionate about nutrition, health education and discovering the real reasons that people experience less than optimal health. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle that is the most important piece to find. Using integrative, non-invasive testing to identify food sensitivities is essential in putting the picture together and providing the information and awareness that is the key to creating health and vitality. Her education includes credentials in hormones, energy work and nutrition.

Lee is not content in keeping her knowledge to herself. She delights in sharing with everyone who wants to learn. She’s been running a very successful nutritional practice for more than 13 years, using the BioSET System, additional biofeedback equipment and nutrition with thousands of clients – who experience such remarkable success that they send their friends and relatives to see Lee too. At this stage in her life, as she moves into the future, her vision is to share her knowledge and empower other BioSET practitioners to improve their clients’ health. Lee has much to contribute to the community.

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Melisa Kuehn

Why is Melisa an Elite BioSET Practitioner and Educational Advisor-Instructor of TheramedixBioSET Academy? During her exhausting journey to help her child, she found one of the most incredible modalities; the BioSET System and TheramedixBioSET product line. It was a way for her to help her child who could not communicate through traditional means. It was a way to look at her son as an individual not as a diagnosis or statistic, but truly as an individual. It was a way to sort out his weakness and imbalances in his body, to deal with his sensitivities, and all the other chronic issues. Moreover, she chose to utilize TheramedixBioSET products because they were the best products (clean, safe, and effective). It is often said by Melisa to her clients, that TheramedixBioSET products are “Brandon Certified”; which means they pass the test to give her own child.

Read more of Melisa’s story at her website: |

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